Robert Blanchette is an International Grand Prix rider and teacher. Amongst other accomplishments he has ridden on and coached Nations Cup teams. In 2003 and 2004 Robert was one of the three winningest show jumping riders in Sweden. Robert has also competed through Grand Prix in Dressage, and Two Star Three Day Eventing. For the past seventeen years Robert has imported select high quality Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation Horses from Northern and Central Europe to the United States.

A California native, Tammy has been active on the West Coast Show Circuit for over 20 years. As a Jr. and young Amateur her emphasis was in the Equitation Ring, collecting many Championships at A rated shows, year- end Association Championships and Medal Qualifications. While her primary focus was Equitation, Tammy also competed in both the Hunters and Jumpers.

Tammy earned her Bachelor’s Degree in 2000, and has worked with many Professional Horseman. Amongst whom are John French, “A” rated judge Penny Whaler, and Patrick Seaton.

Tammy worked for World Champion Hunter Rider John French from 2005 through 2010. During her time with French she was responsible for riding, training and teaching the horses and riders at home, as well as at shows. “I love working with the kids and amateurs, and was usually in charge of coaching them at the shows and at home. I would do the ponies, hunters and equitation.”

Working for such a competitive rider has instilled in Tammy the need to have a goal oriented training program where results are expected. She said “It is important to know what you are working for, in order to focus on and achieve your goals. It is vital that the rider and parents understand the process.” She attributes her teaching philosophy to her education. This education includes specialized post graduate training in “Visualization and Verbalization” for children at all levels of the learning process. “As competitive as I am, I am also aware of the fact that all students’ styles of learning are different. This is true for both horse and rider. As a teacher and coach I am sensitive to the individual’s unique strengths and challenges. I am also constantly reminded that when we are teaching children, we are giving them tools that they will take into their future; tools and lessons about responsibility, sportsmanship, communication, and many other important life skills.”

Tammy is excited to be partnered with Robert Blanchette, and feels that their skill sets are very complimentary, “With Robert’s vast experience competing Internationally, and my experience working with such a demanding domestic team, I believe that we offer the most complete and comprehensive Hunter/Jumper Training facility in the area.”


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